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Housing Corporations

Housing Corporations

In conjunction with RPG Ownership and Management services, RPG offers consulting and guidance to recognized ATO House corporations.  Below is a collection of resources that may be of use to you in your role in managing an ATO chapter house.  Should you wish to discuss any of these resources in further detail or receive guidance from RPG please click here.


Housing Corporation​ Resources

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Whether just getting started or trying to revamp current practices, the below resources can help any Housing Corporation get a better understanding on how to operate efficiently.  If you have questions about any of these items, please let us know by clicking here.

Corporation Management Tax Forms Facility Management
House Corp Manual Form 990 Resident Lease
Sample House Corp Bylaws Form 990t Move-In/Out Inspection
Sample Articles of Incorporation Form 1096 House Open
House Corp Liability Insurance Overview Form 1099msc House Close 
House Corp Property Insurance Overview Form SS4 Winter Break
Form W9 Spring Break 
Form 1024 House Rules
    House Occupancy & Parlor Fees 
    Preferred Food Service


Acquisition Process Resources

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If you have questions about the acquisition process or RPG Ownership & Management Services, please submit your questions here.

If interested in RPG Ownership & Management services, please fill out the following forms and submit to for an initial review. 

Due Diligence Request Form
Due Diligence Historical Financials
Due Diligence Historical Utilities